‘Stressed’ cops overburdened as seniors ask to note vehicle details

Jammu, November 20
Instead of relaxing them from round the clock duties, Jammu and Kashmir Police have overburdened its men by directing them to keep vigil on every vehicle and note down their registration numbers at the check points from mid-night onwards.
The cops deployed at the check points have been directed to note down the registration numbers of the vehicles crossing the ‘nakkas’ from mid-night till early morning (0600 hrs), sources in the police department here told UNI.
Sources further said that the constable or the duty officers deployed at the check points have been directed to maintain a register with details comprising name of the driver, its registration number, location from where he/she coming, his/her destination with time duration and contact numbers.
“We are following the orders of our seniors but this exercise has overburdened us,” a cop pleading anonymity here told UNI. He said that earlier at the check points, they used to frisk the vehicle and with brief information, the commuter was allowed to proceed, adding, “the new exercise has added worries to our job. Sometimes the private vehicle driver when asked to divulge his details, he in return asks many queries, which leads into verbal confrontation.”
“No doubt people are very cooperative and supportive but we have to encounter some of the serious issues while performing our duties,” said another cop pleading anonymity at one of the prominent check points.
He however, rued that sometimes it is not possible to pen down the details of each and every vehicle crossing the check point.
“At check point only 2 to 3 cops are deployed and if two of them remain busy with obeying new directions, it is impossible for a alone person to act as hawk’s eye and that too during night hours,” he added.
However, the check points of Jammu North only obeying this new mode of exercise of security scenario while as Jammu South is not doing the same.
Pertinent to mention here that an official residence of Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti, Deputy Chief Minister Dr Nirmal Singh are located in Jammu North.
“The exercise has been initiated to keep check on crime rate especially theft cases,” Vinod Kumar, SP North told UNI.
He said that it will help in keeping check on suspicious and anti-national elements, adding, “there are people who in routine cross the check points and are familiar faces but sometimes strangers with suspicion can fall into trap.”
The SP however, said that overall it has started to enhance security scenario and keep check on crime rate. ( UNI)

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