Students in Politics

Dear Editor,

Education is a part of politics and politics is a part of education. It is impossible to divorce one from the other in a democracy. After all, good citizens reflect good education; and good citizens are not the dumb-driven cattle in democracy. These are the people who understand politics and actively participate in constitutional institutions. This is possible only if students are encouraged to take an active part in politics.

Political education is as important in life as educational politics. Both are the wheels of the carriage of life and give the students a robust buoyancy and self-confidence in marching ahead to the destined goals in life. There is political spirit prevailing in every sphere of human life. Why education should be kept out of it!

But, it is argued that during the days of our freedom struggle, the entire nation was required to protest in a cohesive manner for the just cause of our freedom which is why student’s participation at that time could be perhaps justified. However, subsequently, there is no reason why students should continue to waste their valuable time in taking part in politics.

In developing country like India, there is always an intense competition to grab respectable jobs and one needs tremendous efforts to secure such jobs. Unless our students work assiduously in a focused manner, it is fairly difficult to become successful in life, with the number of jobs decreasing in the public and government sectors, the problem has become more acute.

But, nowadays there should be a government which consists of both youth and matured persons, as it will result in the proper functioning of the government.


Anjali Mahajan

Karan Nagar, Jammu


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