Students protest against shortage of staff, block NHW

The students of Government Higher Secondary School, Batote blocked the traffic in the main bazaar for about an hour in a peaceful protest against the shortage of teachers in the school, today.

They raised slogans against the education ministry and the district administration’s failure in fulfilling the oft repeated promises of filling the vacant posts of teachers and lecturers.

They rued that no substitute for the recently transferred lecturers of Hindi, Education, Biology (Life sciences) besides the Physical Education have been provided in the school having a strength of 900.

The mathematics lecturer has been on a long leave while as the recently posted lecturers of Physics and Chemistry have yet joined their duties and apprehend that they may also get their transfer orders modified like that of the recently posted PET who had managed to get his transfer order modified within a month. There has been 8 posts of lecturers vacant in the school for quite some time.


According to the official sources there is a vacancy of about 400 Masters and 200 lecturers in the Ramban district and the shortage of lecturers or teachers in Mathematics is the most acute as out of the total 148 applicants called recently for the Contractual Lecturers there was only one applicant for Maths.

The school Principal, ML Sharma has also been on leave since the demise of his wife on April 25  and who may also try for his home posting after this tragedy now.

Although there has been no posts of Information Practices (IP) and the Environmental Science(EVS) in the school  yet there have been many a students in these subjects and “the IP and EVS teachers are being provided under an internal arrangement”.

Later the Chief Education Officer (CEO) held a meeting with the student leaders and the prominent citizens wherein he immediately posted the teachers (not lecturers which he can’t) of Math, Hindi, Biology, Education, IP, EVS and Physical Education temporarily from other nearby schools with the apprehension of facing the resentment of the students there as well. The protesting students were assured that the long term measure would be soon taken up in this regard. They dispersed after feeling pacified by the CEO.

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