Students to keep restraints and not regionalize in global institute: Sangarsh

Over the violent clash and protest among the two groups at BGSBU Sangarsh ( A civic movement for Justice ,Equality, Peace ,Prosperity and Brotherhood) in an official handout has appealed to the student community to keep restraints and try not to regionalize the issue which started over a bit and tremendously glorified.

Vice President of the movement Adv. Shokit Ali claimed that no doubt A Spark Neglected Can Burn The House so the authority handling the helm of affairs must kéep the absolute cautions and try its level best to amicably resolved the issue. Shokit added as the situation is volatile across the country regarding anti national and anti social turmoil in many apex educational institutions .Also some miscreants in the guise of this situation can work to fulfil their disguised malicious intentions so this is a prime responsibility of one and all not to sensitize the issue.

General Secretary Sangarsh Dr. Suresh Kumar suggested to have a comprehensive students charter and in spirit code of conduct manual to have coherent academic deliverance so that minor grievances must be resolved in accordance. There is also need for regular interactive and collaborative programmes and also the institutions like NSS and NCC must be strengthen to channelize the immense energy of the youth. District Observer Sangarsh Adv. Israr Mirza pointed that administration must take stern action against culprits and perform its level best to nip the evil in the bud. Adv. Israr with full conviction stressed that those hell bent who violently and ruthlessly damaged the public property must be dealt with iron hands as punishment to one culprit is a lesson to generations.

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