Subordinates instructed ‘not to share number’

Vishal Sharma

Bringing embarrassment to the police administration, senior police officers have instructed subordinates ‘not to share numbers’, citing that they do not want to become PCR.
Bizarre to listen, but it’s true that the senior police officers have issued directions to their juniors and subordinates especially to those deployed at Police Control Rooms (PCR)
that not to share their contact number with anyone including media.
Taking note of their senior’s direction their subordinates deployed at PCR are now refusing to provide the contact numbers of the senior police officers even despite repeated requests.
Not only the common man even those deployed at PCR are refusing to provide contact numbers to the media persons also citing the reason that their seniors have told them not to share their contact number with anyone.
This strange matter came to the light when the Newspoint called one of the PCRs in Jammu zone and after properly introducing, asked the operator to share the number of a senior police officer. But surprisingly the person speaking from the PCR refused to share the number citing the reason that the seniors have instructed them not to share their contact number as they don’t want to be PCR.
Somehow after repeated requests he shared the number and when the Newspoint bureau raised the said issue with that senior officer he reiterated the same dialogue that “I do not want to be PCR” what the PCR is doing is right and let them do their job.
Now the question arising is that if a senior officer whose prime job is public service even don’t want to share his number with public and media, then how he could do justice with his job and responsibilities.

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