Substituting Emotional Blackmailing as a new ‘Separationist Approach’

Serious-Study; Report by:
Harbans Singh Nagokay.
Majority of Percentage; from broad-minded civilians and the social orders from peaceful zones of Jammu and Kashmir state or other parts of country, might turned into downhearted surprises and dejected from recent anti-India protests, going-on Taranas (patriotic songs) regime from sacred places of worship followed by slogans like ‘Go India Go Back’ ‘Hum KyaChahteyAzadi’ ‘Burhan Hum SharmindaHainTereQatilZindaHain’ ‘Pakistan HumaraHai-Hum Pakistani Hain’then unafraid frolicking of Pak-National Anthems at some sensitive corners of Kashmir valley.
Things may sound further depressed when few students from Kashmir region openly cautioned to pick up the guns, for immediate release their desirous allowances (scholarship). Instantaneously, Government of India, through HM Rajnathnathsingh, swung into actions and called upon all theseopposing Kashmiri students studying on Government’s expenses else found protesting at Jaipur and other areaswere welcomed at New Delhi itself. Then, again showered afresh commitments and assurances, all students were well taken care with Delhi Darshan followed by comfortable 5 star staying arrangements and lavished refreshments as-well. Though! It’s a proven fact that great souls take advantage of every moment and every opportunity to give happiness to others through kindness in their thoughts; such souls are willing to overlook weaknesses and mistakes and have the desire to help everyone reach their potential. But, here not only demands & offered compensations, over generosities’ civil liberties or due / undue favours; anythingdoes not suits the conditions as well as acceptable otherwise, by any nationalistic belief.
For the simple reasons, that no nation-state helps and tolerate the anti-national elements at the same time, told few representative from Jammu Civil Society, yesterday while revealing their anguish over such generosities conferred upon narrow-minded students of Kashmir, those actually become nasty when not properly taken care by Indian liberties.
Then, another case in point,
over sighting ‘The Height of Tolerance’ been witnessed near J&K Police Head Quarters, at Airport Road Srinagar city on Friday afternoon when, just at 100 yards from PHQ(which is workingwithout National Flag, even); locals put on heavy PA-systems & speakers to play’ PAKISTAN’s NATIONAL ANTHEM’ for about 25-30 times in the whole day, after regular intervals. And, all our agencies, cops & forces; found turned their backs simply on all such nauseating happenings. With a target of reaching out to as many 50,000-60,000 + youths in J&K over a period of 5 years, schemes’ / projects like Udaan,Himayaat etc.already in progress as ‘Special Industry Initiative (SII)’ for J&K and are funded by Ministry of Home Affairs and implemented by National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC). Alike programmesare a part of the overall initiative for addressing economic issues in J&K. While steps are being taken by the State and Central Government to revive economic activity in J&K, to address the needs of the educated unemployed in J&K.
In addition, over 3,000 students from Jammu and Kashmir (Majority from Kashmir) have secured admission in various professional and other colleges outside the state under the Prime Minister’s Special Scholarship Scheme (PMSSS), the highest ever from the state. Out of 2,401 engineering seats, 2,372 were filled, while out of 1,089 seats in general courses, 842 were filled recently.Besides, 159 seats filled in medical courses will also be covered under PMSSS, taking the total number of seats to be filled to 3,373, according to official data. This is the highest number of students from the state to have made it to various colleges under PMSSS. Last year, only 900 had secured admission under PMSSS outside the state, as per J&K Government’s statistics.
As per Education Minister NayeemAkhtar, 6,027 students from the state had registered under PMSSS for admission in colleges outside the state for the current academic session.”It is heartening to note that most of them have made it to reputed colleges, including Delhi College of Engineering, Chandigarh College of Engineering and Technology, St Stephens College, Delhi, University Institute of Engineering and Technology, Rohtak, Lady Shri Ram College for Women, Delhi etc.,” Minister told.The state’s Education Department and the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) had fine-tuned the admission procedure under PMSSS to ensure admission of students only in recognised and reputed colleges. As per PMSSS rules, first preference is to be given to those who have passed their class 12 examination during the last academic session but we would ensure that the unfilled seats in the reserved categories and general courses are converted into engineering seats so that the maximum number of students, including those from the 2014-15 batch, were accommodated, count that scholarships worth Rs 75 crore were available for students of the state under PMSSS for the current financial year.
Nonetheless, number of registered job seekers in J&K State, has increased from 1.11 lakh in 2007 to 6.01 lakh in 2011 with increase of 439% and now this figure booms to increase of about 650 %. With long list of over 6 Lakh unemployed youth registered as jobless and Kashmir region with 3, 21,562, while the number is 2,80,285 in Jammu province. On the other hand, shocking statistics numbers of 2, 47,208 youths, whichare no more educated than just 10th pass or even under-matric / middle pass, feared indulged or used in finding middle-ground for the problem of supposed disputed territory from other side.
Time has come, that we need acknowledge, what more dangerous or risky situation is’Kashmiri youths’ who are protesting on roads and are well known otherwise for their anti-national tweets & Face book posts, now openly started challenging our system & Government with their so-called threats to join violence by willingly picking up the guns against nation but still innocent and loveable.

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