Sunday flea markets lure customers

Balwant Singh Bhau
Even if you have never visited, but from somewhere somehow you have heard about the Sunday flea markets. If not yet, then this is the right time to visit one. In this current fast generation, people are moving away from the trend of going to shops, spending grands on apparel, accessories, food and hence are adapting the modern kitsch culture.
This ‘Sun’s out, Guns out ‘generation is adapting the fast habits, hence modern flea culture is developing giving rise to flea markets. Talking about Jammu the city of Temples, which attracts tourists from various cities, Sunday markets have been set up in old city near famous Raghunath Temple, other markets can be seen at Purani Mandi.
While visiting the markets, it was found that these markets are set up on Mondays with the motive to sell the goods at a discounted price and hence attracting the tourists. Vinay Kumar, who is into this business since years says that, “The sale depends totally on the tourists as most of our customers are from other cities. We expect more customers on Sundays as well sell goods at much discounted rates.”
This is the second market which is into vogue these days, the other one is the online market such as flipkart, jabong which are also offering discounts on weekends, festive seasons. From various styles of shoes, fashion accessories, denim jackets, T-shirts to winter wear, the stretch of flea markets here offer a wide variety of items that you can bargain on. Manohar Singh, a tourist from Rajasthan says that, “The market is very good, varieties can be seen in the items. The concept is really good and even the prices are affordable and genuine.” Move over flea markets by the road, as fancy malls in the city are not far behind. As per a trend, which is fast catching up with shoppers, many big shops also have started special flea markets, which have become
quite popular.
Another shopkeeper, Vinay Sharma says that” The business is less in summers but in winters the sale is high which enhances our lifestyle. Sometimes we also have to pay some shares to the cops.” The total sale in a day ranges from 10 to 20 lakhs, hence the Sunday markets are

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