Sunil Magotra from Udhampur shares big screen with Actor John Abraham

Famous Actor Sunil Magotra is popularly known as Chhotu Magotra from Udhampur, once again made Jammu and Kashmir proud. Recently, in Bollywood movie Satyameva Jayte 2 was released on 26th November in which Sunil Magotra, popularly known as Chhotu Magotra, shared the big screen with Bollywood actor John Abraham. Before this, also he did many roles in Bollywood movies with big stars.
While talking to JKnewspoint, Actor Chhotu Magotra said, “it was a great experience, and I learned many new things though star cast was very big so little bit nervousness I felt”.

He further added that I am looking for more opportunities, and I feel blessed that I can share the screen with big stars.
Actor Sunil Magotra added that it was always my dream to work in Bollywood movies as we all know there was no such big platform in Jammu and Kashmir. However, still, I worked in many short films and albums, and I worked in “Geetiyaan”, movie one of the hit movies of J&K at that time.

He further added that the place from where I belong there is no such platform. In Jammu still, we can get opportunities, and in Kashmir, also many artists get many opportunities, but in cities like Udhampur where there is no single studio also but still I made my dream come true.

“Hemraj Dogra from Ramnagar, who is now settled at Mumbai, supported me a lot to reach this platform, and I will always be thankful to him”, he added.
Actor Sunil Magotra further added that if you love anything from your heart and with hard work, you can achieve anything.

Nowadays the way people are promoting Dogri in Jammu, so I also want to contribute to this, so in the coming days, you can watch my new song and Dogri movie. And a few days back, my Dogri song was also released, “Teri Meri”.
He further added that “soon in 2022 you will see me in a good role in web series also. We are supporting all the local artists in Udhampur to make their dreams come true, and I also get a great support from them”.