Sunjawan even after 4 years of BJP-led NDA govt in Centre, not what country expected?

BJP-led NDA government is on the doorsteps of Lok Sabha election test. And here we are. Fidayeen squad of Jaish-e-Mohammed, a terror group which has been in the news since the last four years, attacked heavily fortified Sunjawan military installation. Two Jawans have lost the life at the time of writing of this editorial. And the response would be a surgical strike, carried out in extreme secrecy, with someone from the Army Headquarters holding a presser and informing the whole world. To follow this up, television stars of news media would create such a noise as if Pakistan would not dare to attack again. The surgical strike which was carried out two years ago was believed to have killed several Pakistani terrorists and taught a lesson to those planning to cross-over to spread terror in Jammu and Kashmir as well as other parts of the country. But nothing much has changed in this part of Asian sub-continent. Another terror attack would be followed with another surgical strike with the sole intent of telling the countrymen back that the score is even now. But will that change anything for those families who have lost their bread earners. Emotive speeches with purely political motives do not help. Politicians like dropping tears, delivering highly charged speeches and promising to cross line of Control (LOC) to teach Pakistan a befitting lesson. And even if the line is crossed, those who lose their sons and daughters do not jump with joy. Those who would bring smile on their face are no longer with them. The reprisal comforts but does not change much in their lives. A widow always misses the one who was his life. Children miss their dad and here we are boosting of having taught a nation smaller then our largest state, Uttar Pradesh, an unforgettable lesson. Time has come too set our priorities right and change discourse from war to peace. ISI and Pakistan Army have no inclination of stopping their protracted aim of bleeding India hundred cuts. Prime Minister Narendra Modi should stop making foreign policy a super-hit and action oriented movie. Need has come to engage Pakistan. Engagement doesn’t mean holding a dialogue or sitting across Kebab tables to discuss 101 formulas of settling the Kashmir issue. Engagement here means countering very Pakistani move with a well-oiled strategy. A body for body isn’t what the nation wants. The nation wants a complete stop on all the cross-border terror acts of Pakistan and not temporary thaw. The nation is no mood to tolerate anymore theatrics. Engage Pakistan diplomatically and militarily. Make the cost of engagement unbearable. Prime Minister Narendra Modi needs to understand the importance of delivering peace without spending too much whether militarily or economically. He must take note of the fact that since its founding in 1947, Pakistan has defined itself as a national security state in opposition to us. Pakistanis have long dreaded the prospect of Indian tanks from the adjoining plains of Indian Punjab rolling unimpeded into Lahore and beyond.
We must agree that in its real and perceived geographic precariousness, Pakistan has naturally gravitated toward asymmetric military solutions by use of proxies. Pakistani Army especially, its spy agency, the Inter-Services Intelligence, have clandestinely supported all manner of anti-India groups and are doing so even today. We may gloat over Donald Trump, the American President calling up our Prime Minister but we have to accept US needs Pakistan in Middle East. And in this scenario, engagement is the key option. There is simply no alternative; geographical and security realities mean that India and Pakistan will always have a number of reasons to speak to one another, no matter how hawkish a government there is in New Delhi. Foreign policy and national security cannot be totally subjugated to domestic politics. For Pakistan, the challenge remains the same: managing what is likely to remain a hostile relationship with India while reassessing a national security strategy for the long-term benefit of Pakistan itself. The sooner the BJP-led NDA government realises need for engagement with Pakistan methodically without letting Pakistan policy become a tool to win elections, be they Lok Sabha or the Assembly elections, terror groups would have no option but to wind up their business. Prime Minister should take the opposition on-board and make a comprehensive policy on engagement with Pakistan. The more he continues, if they kill 1, we will kill 10; nothing will change. Time has come to stop theatrics and take concrete steps for bringing permanent peace in Jammu and Kashmir alongside making Pakistan realise the folly of supporting terror groups. Prime Minister still has a year in office. He still has the confidence of the people of India. Sunjawan should be last of the terror attacks from across the line of control.

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