Suo motto proceedings initiated into corruption cases

Harbans S Nagokay

The State Accountability Commission (SAC) is likely to grill top politicians of the state for their ‘involvement’ in various scams and corruption cases, as one of the three members of the commission has initiated Suo Moto proceedings in different cases.

According to highly placed sources, the three member-SAC has taken serious cognizance of the corruption cases against politicians and even of the members after delving deep into the allegations initiated Suo Motto proceedings.

“There are allegations against politicians for misusing their position by making backdoor appointments, exploiting government property and encroachment of government land and SAC has taken serious cognizance of these allegations,” said sources, “One of the three SAC members has initiated Suo Motto after being completely satisfied with the allegations.”

They said that now the politicians are deemed to face axe as now the bench has to decide the fate of the allegations.

“It is for sure that politicians involved in corrupt practices will face ire as bench has to give consent to the Suo Motto proceedings initiated by the SAC member,” sources said, “Rest two members are now under obligation to give consent to the Suo Motto proceedings, as they cannot hush up the matter under any pressure.”

If sources are to be believed, the politicians involved in such practices are already aware about the events and are now putting pressure on the SAC members to hush up the matter.

“The politicians know that if once the bench gave consent to the Suo Motto, the government had to act against them, therefore they are working to cover the matter,” said sources.

They further shared that the member who initiated Suo Motto has collected evidences in each case and reached the conclusion that many ministers and legislators were involved in mal practices, causing damage to government exchequer.

“The member has collected evidences regarding encroachment of government land by a legislator in Sidhra and Sunjawan. He has also collected evidences regarding backdoor appointment by 3 Ex-Speakers, double accommodation by various leaders and misuse of state helicopter,” sources said, “However, rest two members of the commission are trying to hush up the matter, but evidences speak loud”.

Pertinently, the State High Court had held that SAC can initiate suo-moto proceedings into instances of corruption involving politicians. “This landmark judgement has given a major fillip to anti-corruption movement in Jammu and Kashmir,” said sources.

The three members of the SAC included Justice BA Khan (Chairman), Justice JP Singh (member) and Justice Kirmani (member).

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