Support regional party for welfare, dev: Harsh

Urging upon the people to support and strengthen Panthers Party in its fight against differential and discriminatory treatment doled out to Jammu region, Harsh Dev Singh Chairman JKNPP and Former Minister today said that a regional party alone could dispense justice to the hitherto deprived Dogra and incarcerated land. He was addressing huge Public meetings in villages Sunetar, Dehari, Jallow and Kaghote of Ramnagar constituency.
While addressing gatherings, Harsh Dev Singh said that there was a growing tendency amongst the people across the country to opt for Regional parties as against the National Parties in State elections. He said that JKNPP having proved its mettle in the Assembly as well as outside and having proved its secular credentials deserved full support of the people of Jammu region.
He said that it was Panthers Party alone which was vigorously agitating for the multifarious concerns of Jammu region
and its people.
With regard to the local issues of the constituency, Harsh Dev Singh expressed concern over the shabby plight of roads and Power sector and assured early action in the matter. He regretted the in-ordinate delay in establishment of Power Grid station in Sunetar as proposed in 2013-14 and called upon the Power Dev Department to immediately expedite the process.

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