Suspension of OPD at JVC Bemina: Residents, shopkeepers stage protest

The shopkeepers from the Bemina area of Srinagar staged a protest yesterday.

Keeping in view of the increase in covid 19 cases the directorate of health services, declared JVC Bimna as a covid dedicated hospital.

The medical shopkeepers say that since 2019, they have continuously dedicated the hospital to the covid hospital, due to which their entire business has fallen and they are experiencing loss in their business.

They said they went to the SKIMS director and Devcom office also but they are saying that they have nothing in their hands. For the last 5 days, we are going everywhere, Press relevance, DevcomOffice, Director offices but there is no response from them they added.

They say that if they want to covid hospitals, then there is another place like Haj House, Maternity hospital which has maximum spaces also.

They requested the administration to solve their problems.