Swine flu: 13 deaths since March, seven in last 30 days

Right in the middle of peak summer, when swine flu was expected to vanish from the city, it has grown manifold. Of all the swine flu affected patients recorded from January 1, 2017, till date, 50% of the positive cases and deaths have been recorded in the last 30 days.
A 5-month-old girl, the youngest swine flu patient, died recently at Indira Gandhi Government Medical College and Hospital (IGMCH). The girl was admitted to IGMCH on April 30, and was detected positive the same day. She passed away on May 7, along with two other patients from the city, taking the death toll to 13 since March 1.
Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) data shows the city recorded total 53 positive cases this year.Swine flu was non-existent in the city between January and February. From March 1 till April 18, there have been six deaths and 27 positive cases. From April 19 till date, swine flu has surged with seven deaths and 26 positive cases.NMC medical officer Dr Narendra Bahirwar said, “It surprises even us that swine flu still exists in the middle of the summer.”Dr Bahirwar said, “We plan to take up vaccinations more aggressively. At NMC hospitals, Government Medical College and Hospital (GMCH) and IGMCH, we are already ensuring H1N1 vaccination to all high risk groups like patients below 5 years and above 65 years, pregnant ladies, asthmatics, diabetics and hypertension patients. All such patients have less immunity hence are an easy target for the deadly virus.”He said, “As a routine job, our workers at every zone are already performing survey, investigating positive cases, distributing Tamiflu tablets in the patient’s locality and spreading awareness there.”
An officer from NMC health department said, “Many of the swine flu patients from Amravati have arrived in the city, so the virus which had slowed down in March has sporadically come up in the middle of April and isn’t stopping since then.”Total five patients have died of swine flu from May 1 till date.

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