Syrian rebel gets photo ‘bombed’ as he tries to take selfie

A Syrian rebel triggered a blast when he tried to take a selfie with his phone, that was possibly rigged to a bomb. The event unfolded in a video posted by Mail Online. It could not be confirmed whether there were any casualties in the incident.

In the 30-second video, a group of Syrian rebels from the Free Syrian Army are seen gathered in front of a camera. The men are sitting around two rifles held together and seem to be celebrating with a couple of them speaking and singing into a microphone. One of the rebels decides to take a selfie of himself and the others. However, the moment he hits the shutter button, a bomb explodes in the room. The explosion pushes the camera backward as smoke fills up the screen.

The men start shouting Allahu-Akbar (God is great) as the camera points towards the ceiling. Immediately after, the rebels get up to help each other out as the smoke clears and the video ends. The blast seemed to be of a low intensity considering the camera recording the event sustained the attack.

The video was first uploaded by independent website

The Free Syrian Army is a faction formed by some officers of the Syrian Armed Forces in 2011.

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