Take Drug Mafia Head On

Drug addiction has taken deep roots across Jammu and Kashmir with penetration even in certain areas of Ladakh. One needs not to say much but credit Jammu and Kashmir Police for its inefficiency in talking this menace of youngsters falling prey to dangerous designs of drug mafia.
Operation Sanjeevani has failed to terrorise drug mafia. They are selling drugs without the fear of getting caught or penalized. They now, that if arrested they would be booked under NDPS Act and eventuall, they will get bail to be followed by acquittal in the court of law.The drug mafia which had earlier been operating from Punjab and other parts of northern India has now established permanent base in Jammu and Kashmir. How can one not blame police for allowing the drug mafia to survive and penetrate in a state which is yet to recover from the terror on slot of last twenty years. Economies is in tattered. Recovery is slow and dependent on the flow of tourist from within and outside the country.
Though pilgrim tourist has become mainstay of the economy but it is yet to do anything magical .The onus in Jammu and Kashmir lies on human resource and the largest composition of human resource are the youth of the state who compromise 60 percent of the population. With drug takes deep roots, youth are unlikely to become the solid part of the growth of Jammu and Kashmir. The doubt distinguishes between male and female,drugs are being sold not only silently but even in public. Those selling cigarette on the tuck shops or those who claims to be selling medicines but actually deal with banned sedatives are doing everything under the nose of the police without the fear of getting caught.
This all is happening at a time when young are expecting to lead the nation.Need of the hour is to make NDPS Act more stringent so that when guilty are caught they do not goes escort free.Those selling drugs should not be treated as ordinary criminals but deal the same way in which terrorist are.Those with who kill innocent weapons are one set of criminals but,those who slowly poisons the society,destroy the youth and do not fear law should notbe spared.
They are friends of enemy.The moment they start selling drugs,they loose right to live,from police to court,nobody should show them mercy.They should be treated the way criminals are.Jammu and Kashmir police should take que from what European nations and Middle East is doing to curb drug addiction.They should not wait things to happen but force the issue on the drug large.

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