Take four: The hottest fashions trends that ruled 2015

It’s the last week of December, and so it’s inevitable to be bombarded with review pieces on the year that went by. The hottest songs, the best movies, the funniest tweets may be popular, but the most important reviews are from the world of fashion.

We bring you a short list of trends that all the right people followed through 2015. If you didn’t pick up the trend, you’ve got a few pointers here to give it a quick try. If you did, then here’s a recap so you know what not to repeat next season.

If Deepika is doing it, it has to be right. White sneakers and trainers were a hot favourite this year. They were worn with jeggings, boyfriend jeans, skirts, dresses… and just about everything. They give you a very casual if not nerdy look and tone down the seriousness of any outfit. These shoes surely made the job easier for fashion bloggers. When in doubt they just threw white shoes on with every outfit, and sure enough, it worked.


Alia Bhatt, or her hairdresser at least, decided that she would not go for any Shandaar promotion event without a braid. Each day, the actor would treat her Instagram followers with some fancy hair-do and they would try to recreate them. It was not just her; quite a few more tried their hand at it and carried off the braid with aplomb.


It was a blessing for those too conscious to experiment with their wardrobe. The midi-skirt is a safe bet as it goes below your knees, looks incredibly feminine and is very easy to wear. Worn waist high, the skirt doesn’t cause any worries in the tummy department either. Stylists paired the garment every which way and dressed up the skirt, both for a casual-chic look as well as a formal do.


Bags, shoes, jackets: everything is feeling the fringe. Celebs and the regular fashion-savvy population found a new best friend in the fringe. Be it in suede or micro-velvet, it is slowly turning into a fashion staple, a must have for everyone’s wardrobe. A fringe sling bag can instantly add oodles of drama and movement to any drab or dull outfit while fringe shoes will make you want to walk a mile more just for the pretty effect of seeing the tassels feather your feet.


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