Tamil Nadu: 3,16,000 consumers opt out of LPG subsidy

PM Narendra Modi has been urging people to opt out of the LPG subsidy, if they can afford to do so. The ‘Give it up’ campaign seems to have struck a chord with people in Tamil Nadu as 3.16 lakh people have reportedly now given up their subsidy.

A report that Chennai had the highest number of people who opted out of the subsidy – 60,000. Tamil Nadu has about 1.54 crore LPG customers with 30 lakh consumers in Chennai alone.

However, sources from the oil companies have told  that many people are still not willing to give up the subsidy as there is the fear that the rate of an LPG cylinder may shoot up. It costs Rs 600 at this point.

The report says that 20,000 people opted out of the subsidy in Cuddalore and 17,500 in Tiruchi.

People wishing to opt out of the subsidy can do so through IVRS, online or visit the dealership personally.

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