Tapping healing stream

Armgard Traulsen
For many, modern medicine is in some ways headed for disaster; for others, it is only a matter of adequate funding and the necessary research-particularly in genetic engineering-for illness to be conquered. Meanwhile, many physicians are perplexed. They have often faced limitations of the medical system. They have lost belief in the salvation that is supposed to come from unlimited research and they can hardly carry out their calling any more.
Patients who have been informed that there is nothing more that can be done, start to wonder whether there is an alternative to `incurable`. But what would it be? Physicians, too, seek ways to really help their patients. But they hardly learn anything in their medical training about alternatives to conventional medicine. They hear something about the `vis vitalis` or `life power` in their lectures in the `History of Medicine` discipline. But this knowledge is not a part of what medical students learn today. They usually have no access to the power of life and they no longer know its laws.
‘True science and true religion are one,’ a great thinker once said. Man cannot be separated into soul and body. They are deeply intertwined. The significance of the mental-spiritual link for a healthy body is becoming clearer through psychosomatic medicine and the findings of a new sub-discipline of medicine, psychoneuroimmunology. Nevertheless, these fundamental relationships are often ignored, and patients are beaten with diagnoses and baneful prophecies concerning the course of illnesses.
However, Matthias Kamp, a physician from Hamburg, who was interested in increasing his knowledge of alternative methods of healing, concerned himself with the subject of spiritual healing. At a meeting of the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends he learned how one could be in touch with a force called the `divine healing power`.
However, he quickly noticed that what was easy for children presented difficulties for him as an intellectually oriented adult. But when he realised that this power, which you can`t see or touch, isn`t to be perceived through the head, but through the heart, he could also experience it. A pleasant, strong flowing, a tingling in his whole body became more and more perceptible. It was something that caused a feeling of invigoration and well-being to rise in him. Never before had he experienced such a thing.
Bruno Gröning, who became known in Germany in the 1950s as `Miracle Doctor` for the astonishing healings that occurred during his lectures, called this force that can heal and help people, the `divine power` or the `Healing Stream`. It is supposed to be abundantly available for everyone. You just have to learn how to open yourself up to it. You can`t see or touch it, but it is perceptible through feeling. Gröning didn`t want to be regarded as a healer, and emphasised time and again that no human being can heal. According to Gröning, ‘God is the great physician,’ and a human being can only be a mediator of the force that brings about the healing.
Convinced through personal experience, Kamp investigated, with a colleague, the healings that had been reported in the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends. Mr R. (70) suffered from continuous headaches for 25 years. He also had severe chronic lumbago due to the degenerative process of his invertebral discs, heart pains, angina pectoris after the slightest physical exertion, pains from a lung contusion-an old war injury-a chronic gastric ulcer and a disturbed sleeping pattern.
After making contact with the teachings of Gröning and absorbing the healing stream, he was spontaneously healed of all his complaints. In the post-investigation, all signs of a circulatory disturbance of the heart had disappeared in the stress-test electrocardiogram.
This and other inexplicable regressions of illnesses became the basis for starting an international specialists organisation. In 1992 Kamp founded, with several other physicians and medical professionals of the Circle of Friends, the Medical Scientific Group. Now over 5,000 members of various healing professions, including hundreds of physicians, participate in this group. In 2000 the volunteer physicians and healing practitioners reported their experiences with spiritual healing through the teachings of Gröning in over 400 lectures over 60 countries, including India.
The physicians of the Group also record, verify, medically document and scientifically evaluate the healings in the form of `Success Reports`. However, the possibility of a healing can neither be arranged nor promised. It is always only a matter of `can be`. The time spans leading up to a healing also vary. While some healings are spontaneous, others take weeks or months. In one case the illness may disappear immediately; in another it may take years. In some cases there may be no healing at all.As important as scientifically-based research in this area may be, most of the knowledge about the `why` of an occurrence or non-occurrence of healing remains accessible only to a spiritual, intuitive, higher discernment. In the final analysis, man will never be able to be the `doer` here, for the gift of healing lies in the hands of the Giver of Life.
The laws of healing
Gröning always pointed out that the effect of the healing power is subject to certain laws. Thus, reactions can occur that seem to be like a worsening of the earlier symptoms. He spoke about a cleansing and reversal process that he called `regulations`.
Interestingly, Paracelsus, the great physician of the early modern age, knew this cleansing process, or healing crisis, as an early sign of healing: ‘He who wants to become well must realise that it doesn`t happen without pain… and just as we obtain our food through our sweat, it is the same here…in our sweat, we are cured of illness.’
Spiritual healing, as it occurs in a large number of people in the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends, has nothing to do with mysticism. There is nothing mysterious, nor any miracles. People receive the connection to a force that was always there for them-they have only forgotten about it.
(The author is a member of the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends).

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