Tarun Sharma Martial Art Academy players qualify for next level

Players of Tarun Sharma Martial Art Academy, Shakti nagar excelled with their successful qualification to the next level of colour belt in a Belt Grading Test organized by Shito Ryu Seiko Kai Karate Do India approved by Karate Association of India recognized by International Olympic Committee.

The test was held under the supervision of their Karate coach and President of the Academy, Tarun Sharma, 2nd Dan Black belt KAI and Style and International Gold medalist.

Those who passed the belt test with their grade were Yellow belt 10th kyu-Ansh Bandral, Aadesh, Ishan Mansotra, Kristal Verma, Akarshit Verma and Sobhagya

Gold belt 9th kyu-Ranjeet Singh,

Orange belt 8th Kyu-Suryansh Salaria and Chetan Salaria.

President of the Academy, Tarun Sharma distributed certificates and congratulated those who passed the test.

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