Tata group doubles its published patents in two years

The Tata group announced today that it has doubled its published patents in two years, from about 3500 at the end of calendar year 2013 to about 7000 at the end of 2015. In the calendar year 2015 itself, Tata companies have filed over 2000 published patents in India and international jurisdictions. These patents are primarily in the area of computation and data processing; materials, coating, casting and vehicle propulsion; communications; engines; and hybrids, fuels and controls. Reflecting the thrust on research and development, 2.7% of the group’s turnover has been invested in R&D in 2014-15, amounting to Rs 17,896 crores or $2.9 billion. Spearheaded by the Group Technology & Innovation Office (GTIO), a new consortium model of delivering technology by harnessing synergies between Tata companies has been implemented to create breakthrough innovations. Under this model, new products and services will be delivered by collaborative efforts of Tata companies working in a consortium mode with a formal memorandum of understanding.
The GTIO has implemented the above model by nurturing global first solutions in four focus areas namely Energy, Food & wellness, Digital consumer products and services, and Digital factory and fleets. The Tata group is working on innovative technologies to lower the costs of graphene material and fuel cells systems. Graphene is hundred times stronger than steel by weight and possesses several other important properties. Tata companies have developed IP for the low cost manufacturing of graphene. A commercialisation cell at Tata Steel and a Tata group collaborative centre of excellence will develop the applications of graphene for commercial use.
The Tata group is working with partners to develop fuel cell systems that will enable applications in telecom, defence, small industry, and automotive. The group’s effort aims to lower the cost of the catalyst, balance of plant, and control systems used in fuel cells to make them viable. The contributing companies are Tata Motors, Tata Chemicals, Tata Power SED, Tata Power, Tata Steel Limited, The Titan Company and the GTIO.
Rallis India, Tata Consultancy Services, Tata Elxsi and the GTIO together are developing a solution in the area of UAV-based delivery of crop protection products. A precision agriculture technology, this solution will have multiple benefits like minimising wastage and conserving water, thus boosting efficiency in the entire value chain.

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