Tawi bridge turns into a suicide point

Vishal Sharma


With the every passing month, the famous Gujjar Nagar Tawi bridge in the Jammu city is turning into a major suicide point with dozens of incidents reported every year on two main bridges.
But despite this no arrangements have been made by the police on both the Tawi bridges to keep eye on the movement of people to stop them from jumping into the Tawi river.
If sources are to be believed every year about two dozen people jump from both the Tawi bridges into the river while some of them get killed and some survived with multiple fractures.
Reports said that in the last couple of years both the Tawi bridges have become suicide points for the people while the suiciders includes both male and female but the majority is of married woman. Also the suiciders now prefer the Gujjar Nagar bridge on being the least busy and deep Tawi water flowing beneath it.
Yesterday a mother of two children, Rubina Akthar (28) wife of Mohd Akthar, resident of Gool (Ramban) and presently residing at Gujjar Nagar (Jammu) also committed suicide by jumping into River Tawi from Gujjar Nagar bridge. The lady fell into the shallow waters due to which he died on the spot.
Similarly a 22 years old boy Subhash Chander resident of Rajeev Nagar had also ended his life few months back after he jumped into the river Tawi from the same bridge.
But ironically the police failed to maintain any special vigil on the bridge as a result the bridge is turning into a suicide point.
Highly placed sources informed that the police authorities had in the past decided that cops would remain deployed on the bridge to stop such incidents but nothing was done by them in this regard.

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