Tawi Bridges safe haven for ‘illegal’ parking, police oblivious

Jasleen Kour

It won’t be perhaps wrong to say that the lack of proper parking spots and ‘inactive’ police have pushed the drivers to park their vehicles on bridges, thus inviting tragedy to happen.
It has been noticed that since past many months, all the four Tawi Bridges are being occupied by the drivers to park their commercial vehicles, especially during night time.
“You can see how these commercial vehicles have occupied half of the bridge and this is not scene of this bridge, but probably all the four bridges over the Tawi river present a look of bus stand or parking spot,” said a social activist-Gurmeet Singh, adding this is sheer violation of traffic norms, moreover, it causes huge traffic jam over the bridge.
Parking of commercial vehicles on the bridge, especially at nights has become more like a trend. Nearby people of Bhagwati Nagar, Jewel, Gujar Nagar told Newspoint that on regular basis these commercial vehicles are parked on
Tawi bridges.
Despite police check points (Police naka) near the Vikram Chowk, defiant drivers are parking trucks, buses, minibuses and cabs on the Tawi Bridge.
Rajesh Gupta, a shopkeeper said “My shop is near the jewel bridge and many times I close my shop at mid night, daily I notice that many trucks and buses are parked on bridge and no one has ever objected,

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