TDF criticises govt for ignoring Doda district on development

Thathri Development Front (TDF) urged the government that despite contributing over Rs 7,300 crores to the state exchequer every year from erstwhile Doda District, yet it is lagging behind other Districts of the state on the development front mainly because of indifference attitude of the successive governments.
In a press statement, President TDF, Kuldeep Kumar Rao said that the poor public infrastructure is mocking at the slogans of equitable development by the successive governments but there is development deficit in almost all the sectors in erstwhile Doda District in General & Thathri Sub-Division in particular because of neglecting attitude of the successive rulers. The worst condition of roads, poor telecommunication link, un-electrified villages, poor health infrastructure is the testimony of discriminatory approach towards erstwhile Doda district in general & Thathri Sub-Division in particular.
The members of the Front have asked the PDP-BJP coalition government of J&K state to why the Step motherly treatment with Sub-Division Thathri? They said that Sub-Division Thathri (Erstwhile Thathri Tehsil ) having now 5 Tehsils , but even than it has been totally ignored as regards to the tourism sector, the natural beautiful tourist spots like ” JANTRON DHAR, MATA RASHWAR TEMPLE & LAMOTE DHAR are in Sub-Division Thathri, which starts from PANSHEE and ends at GOILLA, surrounded by villages Joura Kalan, Joura Khurd, Shamdlian, Budhi, Halaran, Sichal, Ranote, Goilla, Chirra, Dadi-Kathava, Panshee, Rokali and many villages of Chiralla Tehsil, that can easily be developed as tourist attraction spots like GUL MARG, which will create economic revolution of the state but has been totally ignored by the previous governments due to wrong & un-planned road surveys. They demanded black topping from Bhatola to Halaran of Kahara-Jai road project; Punaja to Chiralla-Sunarthava road; Punaja to Bhallara road & Thathri
to Jangalwar-Chirra road immediately. They also demanded to connect Chirrala road with Kahara-Jai road via Jantron Dhar- Joura Khurd so that the tourists can enjoy these natural beautiful tourist spots of Sub-Division Thathri.

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