TDF terms allegations against Lal Singh baseless

In a meeting of TDF, the members of the Front Advocate Kanwar Jeet Singh Thakur, Om Raj Bhall, Behari Lal Bhagat, Jagdish Kumar Yog Raj Sharma have termed the allegations against Forest Minister, Ch. Lal Singh as baseless and an attempt of forest land grabbers to defame him. They have appreciated the strong drive that the Forest Minister Choudhary Lal Singh has launched against forest encroachments to safeguard forest wealth and also to make the ecology balanced. This must be appreciated to the people of all the three regions of the state irrespective of caste, colour & creed. But it is unfortunate that he is being criticized and targeted by the NC and Congress indirectly by dubbing him as communal. They said that as per media report at least 12000 kanals of land is under the illegal occupation of politicians and bureaucrats enjoying top posts in the state administration and their well-wishers so they are showing sympathy to grabbers and trying to cover-up their own misdeeds. The previous government had facilitated these encroachers in grabbing the forest land as they had been in nexus with each other. They further said that the decision of the government is very much right by denying consent for construction of High way on Amarnath ji track on forest & environmental reasons & therefore it is very much obvious that the government must support Forest Minister Ch. Lal Singh in his attempts to free the Forest land from the illegal occupation of politicians .
They further said that drive against forest land grabbers should not be opposed and the image of the Minister should not be wrongly tarnished with the intension that the Forest Land grabbing goes on un-checked. If this is allowed to happen, corers of trees will get vanished and that will tell upon the environment very badly. We shall be called as murderers of our future generations irrespective of caste, colour & creed. So let the retrieving of grabbed land continue and also let the new grabbing be strictly stopped hence forward. The Forest Minister, Ch. Lal Singh is requested to take action against the encroachers of the forest land at Sunjwan, Bathndi, Raika, Sidhra, Roop Nagar.. The interim report of the enquiry penal has been submitted to the government in May, 2015, but yet no serious attention /action have been taken by the state government on that report. It seems that Government is focusing only on those areas which can be easily handled while as in the area where the official of the Forest Department are facing stiff resistance no serious attention is being paid by the state government.

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