Teachings of Kabir relevant in J&K as never before: Rana

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Jammu Tawi, April 11
Describing the teachings of Sant Kabir relevant in the contemporary Jammu and Kashmir as never before, Provincial President National Conference Devender Singh Rana on Tuesday called for emulating these in letter and spirit, as the very secular ethos of the state is in peril.
“People must rise above communal and caste considerations and work for the upliftment and wellbeing of all for harmonious growth of the society”, Rana said while addressing a congregation at Kabir Ashram, Kattal Battal in Nagrota,
He said those preaching hatred in the name of religion are enemies of the humanity, who do not understand religion and Godliness. He called for foiling machinations of such elements and stressed the need for maintaining amity and brotherhood at all costs. “This is the essence of all religions, which though show different paths to reach God and the Almighty but preach love, affection, care and selfless service.
The MLA Nagrota dwelt upon inclusive character of Jammu and Kashmir and said the state has been a shining abode of saints and sufis wherefrom light of emancipation and tranquility has enlightened humanity at large. He referred to selfless service and contribution of saints and sages in forging bonds of brotherhood between various communities to strengthen harmony and said that spirit has to be emulated and bequeathed to posterity for making the state a better place to live in. “Today, when dark clouds of hatred and intolerance are hovering over the horizon, an onerous responsibility is cast upon us all to preserve and promote our glorious traditions that have withstood test of times”, Rana said and urged the people to keep this spirit alive and work for cementing the bonds of love and amity. This will be a real tribute to Sant Kabir, an epitome of peace, amity and brotherhood, he added.

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