Team Jammu pays tributes to student martyrs of 1966

Vowing to restore dignity and honour of the Dogra martyrs at any cost, Team Jammu today said that unfinished agenda of the martyrs of 1966 students’ agitation would be finished soon.
While paying floral tributes to the student martyrs at Shaheedi Sthal outside GGM Science College, chairman of the Team Jammu, Zorawar Singh Jamwal said that entire Jammu Province is indebted to these martyrs students who
had sacrificed their lives for the future of Jammu.
Three students namely Brij Mohan, Subhash Chandra and Gulshan Handa were killed on GGM college premises whereas a student leader, Gurcharan Singh, was killed on October 18, 1966, in Kanak Mandi, Jammu, when a students’ procession was marching through the streets of Jammu.
“Since 1947 people of Jammu region have been giving sacrifices to live a dignified life but unfortunately the successive governments have meted out a step motherly treatment with nationalist people of Jammu”, Zorawar Singh Jamwal regretted and rued that that in a so-called democratic set up of J&K people of Jammu region have been discriminated by the ruling elites with one or other way. “Discrimination meted out with Jammu region can be gauged from the fact for small things like civic amenities and education, people of Jammu region had have to sacrificed their lives”, Chairman Team Jammu, Zorawar Singh Jamwal said and called upon the younger generation especially the College students to shoulder responsibility to restore Jammu’s dignity. He further pointed out that the political parties, who claimed to be champion of Jammu’s cause too have sacrificed Jammu’s interests for the lust of power.
While recalling sacrifices of students, he said that every year October 16, 17 and 18 were observed as the Martyrs Day in Jammu as in 1966 four of the students namely Brij Mohan, Subash Chander, Gulshan Handa, Guru Charan Singh had faced brutal action of the then administration while raising their voice against the discrimination with Jammu region and laid their lives for the sake of Jammu people. He said discrimination against students and the youth has been continuing.

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