Terror incident going up in J&K, so do civilian casualties

Balwant Singh Bhau

If the manner in which attacks on security forces and civilians have increased is taken into account, terrorism seems to have made a comeback in Jammu and Kashmir.

The number of terror incidents that have taken place during the last three years indicate revival of terror infrastructure across Jammu and Kashmir. According to the data available with Newspoint Bureau, 170 terror incidents took place in the year 2013 in which 15 civilians and an alarmingly high 53 security personnel lost their lives to the bullets of the terrorists.

Compared to this, the year 2014 saw an increase of around 52 terror incidents, 13 civilian casualties and a minimal decrease of 6 lives of the journey belonging to Army, Police and Security forces. The figures put out by Union Ministry of Home Affairs in its report clearly show that 222 terror incidents took place in J&K during 2014 in which 28 civilians and 47 security personnel lost their lives.

The increase in terror incidents along with the increase in the killings of civilian and security forces clearly indicates that the security grid failed to put curbs on infiltration and ensure that terrorist do not succeed in their nefarious design. The year 2015 was comparatively safe but 208 terror incidents do raised question on the competence of intelligence agencies, security forces and the much hyped security grid which is in place.

There were 208 terror incidents in 2015 in which 17 civilians and 39 security personnel were killed. This year was followed by 55 terror incidents within a span of four months with one civilian casualty and seven precious casualties of the security personnel.

Union Home Ministry did claim that there was lesser number of terror incidents in 2014 and 2015 while promising that 2016 would be one of the safest and peaceful year for Jammu and Kashmir. However, when Newspoint Bureau talked to some of the senior Police and Intelligence Officers, they said that since those manning the borders are not doing their job with honesty and integrity , it is highly unlikely that terror incidents would come own.

They said that it is for the BSF and Army to ensure that terrorists do not crossover. “If they ensure that terrorists are not able to cross the Line of Control or International Border, it will be easy for us to deal with local militants. But that is not happening. In every successful infiltration, three to four terrorists sneak in,”said an intelligence officer

He added that these three to four infiltrators come with a plan to both recruit locals and hand over smaller weapons to them. “This makes our task difficult. We have access to information lot with terrorist changing their modes of operation, casualties are increasing,” said the officer.

He stressed that there is need to completely plug all routes of infiltration, the international border as well as Line of Control. “If the routes are plugged, intelligence is shared honestly and operations are carried out jointly, results would be historic. The casualty figure will come down and situation would be more peaceful”.




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