Terrorist succeed in 75 percent infiltration attempts across LOC, IB

Vishal Sharma

It seems as if terrorists are either better trained or there are moles in Army and Border Security Force (BSF) owing to which 75% infiltration attempts have been successful during the last three months.

The terrorist made 24 infiltration attempts and succeeded in 18 of them. BSF, Army and Police in joint operations neutralized just one terrorist while forcing five others to return back. There is no data available to indicate how many terrorists actually sneaked in during these 18 successful infiltration attempts.

This seems to be the year of terrorists since it is in three months that they have succeeded in infiltration across the Line of Control (LOC) in Jammu and Kashmir. During the last three months there is a swift upsurge in the infiltration attempts with maximum successful one as compared to the previous year in which only 121 attempts were made in which only 33 were successful.

Also during these 121 attempts 46 terrorists were killed while 41 returned back whereas in the current year despite 24 attempts only one terrorist has been killed so far.

The year 2015 was undoubtly a shoulder patting year for the security forces as this year had witnessed the lowest ever infiltration attempts with the maximum number of terrorists neutralized as pervious to this in the year 2014 there was 222 infiltration attempts with 65 successful with 46 terrorists killed while 41 pushed back.

In the year 2013 the number of infiltration attempts was 277 with 97 successful one in which 38 terrorists were killed while 142 forced to return back.

Data clearly shows that the rapidly raising graph of infiltration attempts was curbed by the security forces in the year 2015 along with killing of 46 terrorists but brazenly in 2016 the security forces are failing in neutralizing the terrorists as only one militant has been killed in 24 attempts in which 18 remained successful.

A retired police officer whishing anonymity in a special interaction with Newspoint bureau said that the data itself is saying a lot regarding the number of terrorists active on the launching pads along LOC in search of opportunity to infiltrate besides those present on this side of LOC as silent group or sleeper cells.

He said that in total 195 successful attempts during the last three years in which 288 terrorists were pushed back, there is a possibility of minimum 4 terrorists who have crossed in each attempt successfully. If calculated the number goes to 780 which is an alarming figure as if even half of them are present in this side of LOC than they can put us in absolute trouble anytime.

He explained that these terrorists after successfully crossing the LOC joins their underground workers who are already present there. They mostly travel on foot via abandoned routes mostly a forest or river route while the underground workers with the help of sleeper cells and passive groups have done their work of preparing fake identity/ration cards which helps them in their easy and free movement.

“They usually do ‘rackee’ and collect important information about the targets and on getting final call from their bosses they go for final assault” he added. He uttered that after analyzing this data it is very much apparent that the frequent statements being given by various security officials regarding the number of militants waiting on launching pads are baseless and instead of giving statements focus should be given on improving anti insurgency and infiltration skills among the security forces with the optimum use of modern equipments as it is matter of safety and security of our nation and nationals.



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