Terrorist Zakir Musa Vows to Liberate ‘Occupied India’

Terrorist Zakir Musa has warned that he will not rest until he liberates “occupied Hindustan.” He also cited a 8th century example of a Muslim general killing a Hindu king in Sindh to establish Shariah rule. He exhorted the Muslims to join the battle to establish Islamic Caliphate again.

Zakir Musa is the most wanted terrorist in the Kashmir valley.
He says he is fighting for the rule of Islam in the valley.
He had recently said that he would free India of cow-worshiping PM.
He issued the statement through official media of Kashmir-based Al Qaeda group, Ghazwat-ul-Hind. He said in a statement that Umayyad caliphate’s army general Muhammad bin Qasim had implemented Al-Sindh 1,400 years ago. The caravan started then will not stop until it “liberated Hindustan’.
Zakir Musa is the most wanted terrorist operating in Kashmir. He was once reported to have fallen in security forces’ trap, but he managed to escape. He was the commander of Hizbul Muzahideen, but he had to quit after he threatened to behead Hurriyat Conference leaders. Unlike other terrorist, Musa despises political ‘freedom’ and openly bats for the establishment of Islamic Caliphate.
On the eve of Bakr-Eid, Zakir Musa had issued a 10-minute audio message, threatening to “liberate” India from “cow-worshiping” PM and Hindus. He had warned the government against deporting Rohingya Muslims. He had also targetted Pakistan for shutting down terror training camps, and putting mujahideen in jails.
Zakir Musa hails from a wealthy Kashmiri family. Most of his brothers and cousins are doctors. He himself was an engineering student in Chandigarh before becoming turning to terrorism.

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