Terrorists set to earn Rs 35,000 million in Pakistan on Eid .


New Delhi

Eid festival means big business for Pakistan-based terror outfits like Lashkar-e-Toiba and Jamaat-ud Dawah that are involved in anti-India activities.

Intelligence agencies have found evidence that these terror outfits plan to sell the skin of sacrificed animals on Eid, a business which accounts for millions of rupees every year.

Besides JuD and LeT, Jaish-E-Mohammad and Tehrik-e-Islam are also involved in the trade.

Ahead of Eid these terror outfits were on a spree to buy animals which could be sold for sacrifice during the festival and their skin sold to fetch money.

The intelligence report suggested that banned/under observation organisations use their subsidiaries or front organisations to avert any legal action.

JuD uses Falah-e-Insaniyat Foundation, JEM issues receipts in the name of Al Rahman Trust, Harkar-ul-Mujahideen and Ansar-ul-Ummah receive donations in the name of Al-Hilal Trust while Alhe Sunnatwal Jammat uses Al-Esar Welfare Trust for the purpose, sources said.

Quoting an estimate of the Pakistan’s Punjab province, the intelligence report says that around 10 million animals were sacrificed on last Eid and their hides were worth Rs 35,000 million (Pakistan Rupee).

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