Testing time for Jammuites

Since the flames of Kashmir unrest are reaching Jammu and its outskirts, it is high time for the Jammuities to respond to the situation with patience and maturity and should not become prey to nefarious designs, who are hell bent to disturb the peace
of Jammu.
After 25 days of Kashmir unrest, when separatists feel that they are gradually losing ground in Kashmir, they are spreading their venomous roots in Jammu by exploiting the religion among people of hilly areas.
In this line two districts of Jammu had called for bandh following the calendar of the separatists.
This shows that some active agents of separatists, sponsored by the Pakistan are present in Jammu region, but till date due to unresponsive attitude of the people of Jammu, they could not succeed, but now they (separatists) have resorted to exploitation of the people through religion, which touches susceptibilities.
Jammu has faced this thing earlier as well but what is disturbing here is that some forces are threatening people of Jammu region, especially particular community to carry forward their propaganda, which is obviously anti-India.
We cannot deny the implementation of this separatist calendar in parts and pockets of Jammu region, but instead of taking it as an offence, the people of Jammu are needed to show centuries old harmony and affinity, especially with those handful of people who are at helm of disturbing the peace.
The Jammu and Kashmir police will have to play a major role in managing the law and order situation of the region, which will surely play constructive role in preventing repercussions. Before it’s too late and things gets out of control, the district administration and police need to take anti-national elements with iron hand, so that Jammu may not get bad name for communal issues.
The stooges of separatists active in Jammu are looking for a moment to ire Kashmir like situation in Jammu as well, but little did they know that people in Jammu do are not naïve with the destructive forces.
Earlier as well Jammu faced such situations, wherein it remained target of the anti national elements, but people of Jammu with their sheer patience and love for peace gave denting reply to
such forces.
The people of Jammu irrespective of their region, religion and caste are true Indians and oppose any design to divide the nation. Meanwhile, this time the separatists have touched the religious chord of the people in Jammu to instigate them against India and state government.
Like they do business of blood in Kashmir, they are planning to double their business by provoking youth in Jammu region as well. At this juncture, the people of Jammu have to understand that things are done at the behest of Pakistan and are only implemented to disturb the situation, like they are doing in Kashmir.
All the people in Jammu need to get united against such forces and have to maintain calm to give an example of communal harmony and nationhood.

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