The invisible hand

Jamuna Rangachari
All through our life, God takes care of us, and shows his presence in the most inexplicable ways. We may never see his hand, but can notice it in events that we call coincidences, serendipity or miracles. Actually, such events happen all the time. We only need to notice them and be grateful for always living under God’s armour of protection. “There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; or you can live as if everything is a miracle,” said Albert Einstein. My late mother-in-law, though not as articulate as Einstein, was an epitome of this attitude. She played badminton, indoor games, and sang songs of all genres till the last day of her life despite several health challenges. Her energy and vigour was such that even the doctors who treated her often wondered whether their diagnosis of her ailments was really correct.
All through her life, help came to her from unexpected quarters. Sometimes, it would be the grocery vendor rushing to help her reach the doctor, and sometimes a stranger dropping her home when she got lost. She believed ardently that the hand of God was always with her. Of late I have met several people whose life is a testimony to the protective hand of the Divine, guiding and ruling our lives. I feel motivated to share their inspiring stories with you.
The Divine armour
“She needs to be awarded a medal of bravery,” said an army officer while introducing Ms Nitu Channan to me and my husband. When I heard her story, I could not help nodding with awe. In September 1997, Nitu was in the last stage of pregnancy and travelling with her husband and three-year-old son in a Gypsy van with a group of people. Suddenly they came under an ambush planted by the militants in a small town of Thoubal in Manipur. The vehicle came to a sudden halt and their son fell off the seat. Nitu felt something hard piercing her thigh. She later realised that she had been hit by a bullet. Everyone else in their vehicle and other vehicles near them dismounted. She could see people firing at them from the first floor of buildings on both sides of the road.
She could not get off due to her condition. When she saw blood gushing down her son’s head, both she and her son screamed with fright. She did not know that it was her own blood that was spilling over her son. Her husband with two other soldiers rescued them while the firing was still on. By then she had started losing consciousness. She found herself lying on the road with her husband tearing her sari to plug her wound and stop the bleeding. She could hear only one thing repeatedly resounding in her ears, her husband’s voice telling her that she needed to fight and save her life for their children. An inner voice told her that if she closed her eyes, she would probably never open them again. She was taken to a hospital that was almost three hours away from the place of the incident. Her inner strength helped her fight and remain conscious till they reached there.
Now, she smiles on recounting the whole story, “I thank the Power that protected the entire family. Looking at the Gypsy van that had been sieved with holes from both sides, it is unbelievable that people inside it could have survived. My daughter was born, completely healthy. She had to come into this world hence I had to live. I got four bullet injuries but not one hit the womb. Nothing happened to my son and husband. I strongly believe miracles do happen after this miraculous escape.” She smiles concluding, “As is so rightly said in Kabir’s doha “Jako rakhe saiyann, Maar sake na ko” (The one who is protected by God, cannot be killed by anyone)
I met 30-year-old Archana Singh (name changed) from Mumbai recently. She shared with me an incident in her life that took place a few years back. She was out of town for Raksha Bandhan in August 2010. The day she returned, her older brother was to leave for two nights to a village in Karnataka. Something made her feel a bit concerned for him. As she watched him walk to the end of the lane, she did reiki protection for him. The whole night, she prayed for his well-being. Next morning she discovered that the car in which her brother was travelling along with her cousin, their uncle and a friend, had met with a horrible accident. The accident proved fatal for her cousin. The uncle was severely injured and did not survive for more then a week post the accident. Her friend was severely injured too. Her brother somehow survived this accident with just three scratches on his shoulder and his elbow. Whether you call this power of faith or the power of reiki, Archana feels that she was guided all along to use her power to protect her brother.
Another experience of such guidance and protection is that of Dr Barnali Chaklader. A teacher of finance in one of the management institutes in Delhi, she was nominated by her organisation to attend a workshop in Shanghai, China, in January 2011. It was freezing winter. After the workshop Barnali and her colleague busied themselves shopping and looking at the traditional city. Soon it started drizzling, and they took shelter in one of the shops. Slowly it grew dark and snow started to fall. They looked for cabs but could not find any. It grew darker and the shop owners started drawing their shutters. Both of them tried hard to stop the cabs but in vain. They became nervous and began to consider contacting the Shanghai police for help.
In the meantime she remembered her husband’s guru from Shri Ramchandra Ashram in Lucknow. She closed her eyes requesting her husband’s guru, Babuji Maharaj, to help them. Though there were no taxis in sight, a taxi slowly approached them as if it had been parked somewhere nearby. She asked him if he would take them to Shangrila Hotel. He nodded in affirmation. Both of them reached the hotel safely. Dr Barnali is convinced that it was Babuji Maharaj who made this happen.

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