The power of truth and purity

Twenty years ago a divine baby was conceived and named Life Positive. The baby was the creation of two very special souls- Parveen Chopraji and Aditya Ahluwaliaji. Did they know the influence this baby was going to have on millions of lives? Did they realise that their baby would be an answer to many prayers, a direct gift from God to souls who had lost hope?
Did they visualize their baby inspiring many souls to become healers? Did they conceptualize that they were starting a movement which would bring about a paradigm shift in the way society perceives health, wealth and happiness? Most important, did they even imagine the role that this baby would play in creating the New Age? The divine baby had the fortune to be nurtured by the love and care of Kaarthikeyanji, Suma Varughese, and many more, who, unawares, were making their contribution towards healing the world.
My experimentation with spirituality and my journey with the Brahma Kumaris (BKs) started at almost the same time, about 20 years back. At a time when spirituality was not very well accepted by the youth, I was facing my share of ridicule and rejection from peers. I used to feel very singled out, and sometimes even unsure about the journey that I had started. God’s grace, my experiences, and divine interventions in those initial years kept me going on the path I had chosen.
One such intervention was Life Positive. It made me realise that there are so many people of all ages on this journey, and everyone is creating magic with their lives. It was in the initial years that Suma Varughese had written a cover story on her experiences at Mt Abu, the international headquarters of the BKs, titled Midwives of Satyug. I was very touched by the article because it was so different from what I had ever read by a journalist writing
about the BKs.
Every word radiated an indepth understanding, and experiential journey, rather than information reporting. I was in awe of this honest writer, and have never missed a Life Positive issue after that in the last 19 years. Did I ever imagine that one day I will meet this writer, and Suma Varughese will be my friend? Magazines and newspapers share knowledge and information; they touch the intellect of the reader, but Life Positive is different. Every member of the LP family shares their feelings and experiences with honesty and sincerity, and therefore touch the heart of the reader.
Every article is infused by the writer’s personal experience, which becomes an inspiration for the reader to experiment. The vibrations of the writers are so powerful and pure that they unfurl the purity in the reader, and bring a shift from the ordinary way of thinking. Life Positive has the power of purity and truth. Every issue radiates the intent of the team which is to serve and heal selflessly. It does not carry vibrations of commerce and profit. The team does not find the need to impress either the people who they are writing about, or the people for whom they are writing.
Life Positive does not have the desire to impress, and therefore is able to influence with the truth. Life Positive has shared with us every available healing technique, meditation experience, spiritual and religious practice, values for a beautiful life, and an entire spectrum of divine experiences. I always wonder what is remaining for them to share, but they surprise me every month by exploring unknown territories. For me it’s a feast which allows me to enjoy the taste of everything that our rich culture and heritage has to offer for spiritual, emotional, mental, physical and social well-being.
Every word of Life Positive helps souls to shift from an age of pain, disease and suffering to an age of purity, love, happiness and health, a shift from Kaliyug to Satyug. Life Positive is playing a very powerful role in creating Satyug, a world where peace is the religion, love is the language, compassion is the relationship, truth is in action, and happiness is a
way of living.

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