There is a great difference between a Guru & a Satguru: Param Hansji Maharaj

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Jammu Tawi, April 16
Satguru Madhu Param Hansji Maharaj, the spiritual head of Sahib Bandgi panth, while throwing light on the significance of Guru at Satwari Chowk, here said that there is a great difference between a guru and a satguru. There has been no mention of the word Satguru before Sahib Kabir.
Only the word guru was prevalent. So, should we take the use of this word satguru as an opposing one to that of the word guru.
No, it is not like that. Earlier, the gurus talked about 3 lokas alone. Also, the word guru is to be found in the Sagun as well as the Nirgun forms of worship. It is only the saints who made use of the word Satguru. In the Sagun as well as the Nirgun, the guru holds a high status but he simply shows the path of meditation & salvation & doesn’t take the responsibility of taking the disciples across the worldly ocean. The disciples have to make their own earnings to do so. So to say, the guru simply acts as a guide. A satguru, on the other hand, doesn’t ask you
to make any earnings. He himself takes you across the worldly ocean. What a great difference between the two is there! Sahib Kabir says that the satguru himself will create spiritual awakening within you & will enable you realize the power of God within you. None has ever said so with such a confidence & guarantee.

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