Things to know about having sex during pregnancy

Feb 24: No one can deny that pregnancy comes with a list of dos and don’ts – stuff you can eat or can’t, exercises that you should do or shouldn’t and the like. But does that mean having sex with your partner now is totally off the table?

Relax. Being pregnant doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun between the sheets with your partner any more. If you still have doubts here are a few interesting points about pregnancy sex that you should know:

Pregnancy sex is NOT dangerous

We are serious about this. After all, if sex is already good for your health then it can also be equally good if not better during pregnancy as well. As long as there are no complications, you and your partner should go ahead with it without any worries.

Your sex drive could be low

If you have a low sex drive during pregnancy then that’s perfectly okay too. After all, pregnancy can also come with a host of other issues like hemorrhoids, nausea, and back pain that can make you feel understandably less kinky.

Oral sex is no issue at all

Yes, oral sex is absolutely fine during pregnancy. Experts even say that it may be the perfect way to have an orgasm without exhausting yourself. However, some doctors advise that you shouldn’t let your partner blow air directly into your vagina as it could block a blood vessel and may cause an air embolism – a life-threatening condition for both the mother and child, according to Romper.

Orgasms could cause a cramp

Orgasms and sexual intercourse can cause uterine cramping but that doesn’t mean that you should hit the panic button. Just wait for some time for the cramping to go away and you should be fine.

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