Things to remember before having casual sex

Feb 25: Thankfully, we aren’t living in the Victorian era, so casual sex is no longer taboo like it used to be eons ago. But that doesn’t mean that taking birth control and safety precautions are the only things that you need to pay attention to before having casual sex.

There are certain points that one must remember before indulging in casual sex. Yes, even casual sex requires careful deliberation. After all, you can’t get hurt just physically. So, here are some tips to deal with casual sex like a pro:

Go for a partner that drives you crazy – in a good way

There are times when we can feel intense sexual attraction towards a person that we would absolutely loathe otherwise. You two could be polar opposites and yet have some amazing chemistry in bed. Now, that’s the perfect candidate for casual sex.

Be clear about your intentions

It’s cruel when you give someone false hopes. Don’t make someone believe that this is going to end in a romantic relationship. This means that you stop doing all the stuff that you would normally do when trying to romantically woo someone. Skip that candlelight dinner and keep the focus just on sex. Remember, don’t ever sleep over at their place or let them sleep over at yours.

Get all hot and wild

Don’t be afraid of trying out those kinky fantasies that you wouldn’t be able to confess to someone you really loved, says Marie Claire. You don’t have to worry about losing this person or be afraid that they’d thing you are crazy. That will be a nice reminder for both of you that you guys are just having sex and not making love to each other.

Never let anyone treat you like trash
Having casual sex does not mean that you open to any kind of mistreatment. Be strict about your rules – like your preferences or timings. Don’t take on any kind of physical or mental abuse. Of course, this rule also equally applies to long-term relationships but most people feel guilty about defending themselves in casual sex situations. Don’t fall in that trap.

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