Things you didn’t know about Snapchat!

March 29: Snapchat is the popular image messaging application where photos are shared but last only for a matter of seconds before disappearing permanently. It is extremely popular among youngsters and has become one of the most buzzed and controversial social media apps.

Here are some things which you didn’t know about this app:

Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, Reggie Brown created the image messaging app when they were students at Stanford University.

The app was first launched as an iOS-only app in July 2011 and later relaunched in September 2011.

Most of the users of this app are 70% women.

There is a version of Snapchat called SnapKidz for users under 13 years.

The popular social networking site Facebook tried to acquire Snapchat for $1 billion in October 2013.

Snapchat was earlier named Picaboo.

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