Think twice before you Google ISIS, Police is keeping a tab

Be careful while displaying your interest on Internet in any militant organisation specially if it is the Islamic State!

No, not because it is easy and stupid at the same time to get radicalized and work for an outfit that kills anyone and everyone but because you are being watched!

According to Mumbai police, number of people searching for ‘ISIS’, ‘IS’, ‘Syria’, and ‘Jihad’ is considerably high and these are the keywords they are keeping a tab on.

With the constant rise of the IS and its use of social media to recruit people, the police is taking measures to develop tools to flag relevant keywords.

Other than these fixed keywords, the police keeps refreshing this list depending on the events in the country and across the world. Latest addition to this list of keywords is ‘Jaish-e-Mohammed’, post the Pathankot terrorist strikes.

The police is being active on the social media sphere and even blocking posts that are potentially inflammatory. Almost every day, the Cyber Cell of the Mumbai Police receives reports about posts containing the keywords that are flagged by its tools.

After identifying content that is communally sensitive or is related to terrorism, a report is sent to Facebook authorities about these posts so that it can be removed.

It is reported that Kalyan native Areeb Majeed, who fled the country to join the IS in 2014 was radicalized online and Malwani youth Ayaz Sultan, who is suspected to have joined the IS, was active on the Internet.

The Mumbai Police’s Social Media Lab has been keeping a tab on social media activities since 2013 so that it can prevent potential law and order problems.

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