“This Diwali” Original Indian Dias replacing imported Illuminations

Solemn Reporting; With All Good Wishes & Diwali Greetings from:
Harbans S Nagokay.

In the stirs of increasing tension between India and Pakistan, social-activists have been running campaigns to boycott products from ‘Pakistan’s friend’ China. Causing into poor demand of electronic items like LCDs and others made in China products has also declined by 20-25% while this impact is only 5% on mobile phones then about 50+% on lights and other decoration materials or toys etc. However, overall above 59 % downfall had been witnessed in the sales of Chinese products including lights & fire-works etc. On other side, this festive season, business houses and multinational companies operating in India are going slow on the age-old practice of corporate gifting. And, most of them have slashed their budgets for ‘gifts’ significantly, and cite sluggish economic growth and alarming rise in food prices and other items as prime reasons. But, country’s top two carmakers Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai said they sold over 45,000 units on Dhanteras, lone; which is around 20 per cent more than last year, if officials believed.
But, J&K state especially a border villager just been observed singing the lines of famous Hollywood song:
‘Baahar to ujaala hai….Magar dil mein andhera…Samajho na ise raat….Ye hai gham ka savera…Kya deep jalaayen hum…..Taqadeer hi kaali hai…..Ujada hua gulashan Hai… rota hua maali hai’…Aise na kabhi deep……Kisi dil ka bujhaho…..Main to wo musaafir hun…..Jo raste men luta ho…Ai maut tu hi aaja…..Dil tera sawaali hai…..Ujada hua gulashan….Hai rota hua maali hai….Ek wo bhi deewaali thi…..Ek ye bhi deewaali hai…..Ujada hua gulashan hai—
Yes! With war clouds hovering around, markets in Jammu and other township areas near LOC also looked deserted.
Majority of eateries and cafes also became a grim reminder of how border conflict hits the economy in Jammu and Kashmir, where state’s SALES TAX & other regulatory tax collection departments are not seems like in a mood to grant any relaxation or extension, there-of.

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