Threat looming large on minorities in valley ‘Government trying to hush up matter, no security provided’

Pardeep Singh Bali

After issuing threat letters to the minorities in Kashmir Valley, miscreants have now reportedly attacked some houses of the minorities at the outskirts of the Srinagar city, compounding fear psychosis among the community members.

Meanwhile, instead of acting over the looming danger on minorities, government is not paying any heed to the series of events that are unfolding and is even allegedly trying to hush up the matter, fearing bad name to the ‘kashmiriyat’.

According to reports from Srinagar, day before yesterday some miscreants attacked some houses in Rainawari area of the Srinagar and damaged the property.

“A group of masked miscreants appeared at one of the houses in the vicinity and started breaking window panes and parked vehicles,” said one of the eye witnesses, adding they did not even spared women.

“The miscreants abused in front of women, which is unfortunate. They even threatened the family members of dire consequences,” said witnesses.

Witnesses further said that the miscreants trespassed houses after jumping off the compound wall.

“We immediately informed the community leaders, especially Gurudwara Prabandak Committee, who raised the issue with mainstream leaders, including several ministers, but they instead of reacting to it preferred to stay silent,” said victim.

The members of the community even approached separatists, who took it lightly and said that this is done by agencies.

“I mean what is the future of minority community in Kashmir, we do not have representatives, we do not have any say and unfortunately we do not have any one to listen to our grievances,” said an angry youth, Gurmandeep Singh over phone, he said that while the separatists blame agencies for creating wedge between two communities in the wake of prevailing unrest, the government is trying to shrug off the responsibility as if “we are not stakeholders,” he asserted.

According to sources, the police have arrested some stone pelters, especially sweepers in this case but have not registered any FIR. The arrest is made to pacify minority community.

Earlier, some houses in south Kashmir were issued with threat letters, asking community members either to join them in protests or leave Kashmir otherwise they will be killed.

However, the police had registered a case in this regard but even after days no arrests have been made.

Under present circumstances, when minorities are living under the shadow of threat there is no one for their rescue.

“This issue was also raised in the Parliament by the Punjab based members, but unfortunately Kashmiri representatives remained confined to particular community and their issues,” said Singh, adding the PDP itself sponsored these miscreants to disturb peace.

Meanwhile talking to Newspoint over this issue, firebrand BJP leader-Ravinder Raina said that there is no second thought that Hindus and Sikhs in Kashmir are nationalists by birth and whatever is happening in Kashmir is sponsored by Pakistan.

“We will kill every anti-national to bring peace in Kashmir. Like we did to Burhan we will do it to everyone who trains guns against nation,” he said and added we will not let succeed the evil designs of the Pakistan and anti-nationals.

However, when asked about security to minorities in Kashmir, he dodged the question.

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