Tips to bring out your beautiful and be camera-ready in 5 minutes

Just because you don’t have a professional make-up artist at hand doesn’t mean you can’t look picture perfect. Here are a few quick tips for a photogenic makeover.

1 Shoddily styled hair can ruin the best of photos. Keep your style simple yet refreshing and fun. A loose side braid, milkmaid braid with the rest of the hair left open in loose waves or a bun spruced with fresh flowers will look nice in pictures.


2 Get glowing: Dab some foundation on your face and décolletage and evenly spread it. Pick a shade that matches your skin tone perfectly instead of a shade that is lighter that might look fake and uneven. The camera is unforgiving and it will highlight your makeup flaws. For a more natural look, go for a BB cream.

3 Primer: For a salon-perfect finish, use a primer as the base. The primer will fill up all open pores and merge your foundation well so that it doesn’t look cakey. Then, using a darker shade of foundation, define your cheek bones and collar bones and the side of your nose.


4 Tame flyaways: Flyaways can be annoying while you are striking a perfect pose. Run an ice cube over the flyaways or spray a little water on your hair just before the picture for a sexy, wet look.

5 No shimmer please: A shimmery face can give an illusion of an oily face. Go for a matte finish base. But if you’re a shimmer addict then go a for a semi matte base with a velvety finish rather than going all glittery.


6 Make your eyes stronger to give your face a slimming effect. Go for smokey eyes or cat or winged eyeliner to get the attention to your eye.Enhance your natural eyelashes by applying mascara to the root of your lashes.

7 Kissable lips: Wear a cheery, bright lip colour to brighten your face. Avoid pale colours that can make you look unwell. Go for lively shades such as cherry red and carnation pink.

8 The double chin hack: This technique helps you do away with your double chin in seconds. Just stick your tongue on the roof of your mouth and smile. This trick makes your face look elongated.

9 Master the pose: Yes, this the red carpet celeb way of looking fab. Turn your body to a 45° angle. You can try keeping your hands on your hips. For making your arms look slim, keep them away from your body. Angle your face right to avoid shadows and keep your chin slightly tilted upwards.

10 Ban the low angle: Don’t let anyone click you from a low angle. Low angle selfies will also make you look heavier. Keep the camera at the eye level or slightly higher.

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