Tobacco use goes higher in the city

Bharti Jasrotia

Every year 60 lakh people die due to diseases caused by tobacco use while 10 percent of them are passive users.
According to the recent report by the voluntary health association of India, people in Jammu and Kashmir spend more than the national average on smoking tobacco products. Nearly 70 percent of adults are exposed to passive smoking in their homes in the state. According to the details available with the Newspoint Bureau, smokers aged 15 and above spend Rs 399.20 a month on cigarettes and Rs 93.40 on bidis, those in Jammu and Kashmir spends Rs 513.60 and Rs 134.20 respectively.
Consequently, health hazards due to passive smoking are also more in Jammu and Kashmir than elsewhere in the northern India. The data further revealed that 26.6 percent population of the state is using tobacco products in some form. Moreover, the highest proportion of adults in Jammu and Kashmir is 69.7 percent who exposed to tobacco smoke at home, 67.9 percent at workplace and 35.2 percent at public places.
Despite Cigarettes and other Tobacco Products Act (COTPA) which was enacted in 2003 and applicable to the whole of the country, people are still consuming tobacco products and cigarettes at a high rate. The consumption of tobacco products and cigarettes is more prevalent amongst the youngsters. Its high time now, government should take positive a step to curb this menace, as youth is indulging themselves into the consumption of tobacco products and cigarettes. Moreover, youth is slowly and steadily moving themselves into the web of smoke.
While talking to the Newspoint Bureau the youth of the Jammu University gave their views on the consumption of tobacco products. One student said that nowadays it has become a trend to smoke and this trend is more prevalent amongst the youth of the state. School students have indulged themselves into the consumption of tobacco products and cigarettes, he added.
Another student said that, despite of issuing a law regarding the prohibition of smoking in the public place by the government couple of years back, but still people do smoke in the public areas and nobody fines them, she stated. PhD scholar said that its high time now government should take strict measures to stop the sale and consumption of tobacco products and cigarettes. Like Bihar government have banned the sale and consumption of liquor in the state and it was a progressive step by the Bihar government just like Bihar government even our government should make such laws by which the consumption of the tobacco products can be reduced, she added.
Another PhD scholar said that recently in a report by the voluntary health association of India revealed that Jammu and Kashmir has the highest number of smokers as compared to rest of the India. This is a warning still we have time to change the whole scenario by hand to hand work by the society, youth and the government. Big role should be played by the government of the state so as to stop the sale and consumption of tobacco and tobacco products, he said.

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