Top BJP leaders may face expulsion for ‘violating’ party whip

Pardeep Singh Bali

Unhappy over the conduct of some leaders in Jammu and Kashmir, Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) high command in New Delhi has reportedly taken decision to expel ministers, who are carrying anti-party policies.

According to highly placed sources privy to development, a team of observors, who had been assigned with the job to keep an eye on the performance of the BJP leaders, especially those in the government.

“The party had deputed a team of political experts to observe the behaviour, attitude and dedication of BJP leaders in Jammu and Kashmir, as for the first time the party formed government in the state,” said sources.

They added “To ensure that the leaders are employing policies of the party at grass root and do not indulge in any anti-party practice, the experts were asked to warn the leaders time to time to med ways.”

If sources are to be believed, in the ensuing unrest in Kashmir, some ministers and leaders have issued controversial statements, which are taken as against the party whip.

“Some leaders have issued statement, which has brought bad name to the party at national level. We cannot tolerate it and strict action will be taken against every individual who had violated party whip. We do not care who so ever the leader is,” said a senior party leader in New Delhi.

He added that at present, there are three names on the list and two of them will be replaced soon.

“BJP is a party based on some ideology and whoso ever dare to violate it will be thrown out of the party,” leader said, “Two top ministers, who had issued statements during ensuing violence in Kashmir has been taken as violation of party whip and against the ideology of the party.”

He said one of the leaders was also warned to mend ways.

“We have asked all the three leaders to mend ways, but two of them have already brought bad name to the party so their expulsion from the party is sure,” senior leader said.

Without naming anyone, senior leader said top ministers, because of their involvement in corruption cases and showing soft corner to terrorists, have been asked to tender resignation as soon as possible.

Pertinent to mention here that New Delhi has soon after forming government in Jammu and Kashmir had asked the local leaders to maintain party reputation at any cost and attend people without any stakes. Even the leaders were asked to follow party line, but some leaders recently tried to appease Kashmir centric parties, due to which BJP garnered bad name in Jammu and other states.

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