Top five superfoods you should eat to live longer!

Do you know eating a healthy diet can increase your lifespan? Well, a healthy diet is very important to live a long and healthy life. Besides physical activities, diet also helps at preventing chronic disease and promotes good health and longevity.

One should make sure that they eat nutrient-dense foods that strengthen the immune system and could add years to life by good health.

Here are some food items that you should eat to live longer:


One should include lots green vegetables in their daily diet as they are rich in nutrients and super low in calories. They are good for blood vessels, promote good eyesight, and also lowers the risk for diabetes.


Eating of beans is good for health as they have a stabilizing effect on blood sugar and also help in preventing food cravings. The soluble fiber in the beans lowers cholesterol levels .


Regular consumption of onion is good for health as it boosts our cardiovascular and immune systems and also lower the risk of gastric and prostate cancers.


Mushrooms are one of the most health-promoting foods because of its unique taste and contain compounds that block the production of estrogen, making them beneficial for breast cancer prevention.

Berries like blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries are one of the best foods that you can eat as they all are low in sugar but high in nutrients. Regular consumption of berries lowers the risk for heart disease, diabetes and cancers.

So, people include these food items in your daily diet to lead a long and healthy life!

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