Top reasons you may be avoiding sex

Feb 26: Sex offers not just corporal pleasure but also helps the body to manage stress and anxiety. It even uplifts the mood and keeps us looking young, according to several studies. And there’s also no denying the fact that the desire for sex is one of our primal instincts.

But then that does not mean that there are people in the world who willingly forgo sex. No, we aren’t arguing about celibacy as a moral choice over here. Some people just prefer to avoid sex, either completely or for a certain time period. And sometimes such reasons can be totally legitimate and understandable.

Here are some of the reasons why it can be okay for you to avoid sex:

You don’t want to get a urinary tract infection

Sex serves as a catalyst for most urinary tract infections. We aren’t kidding – over 80 percent of UTIs occur within 24 hours after sexual intercourse. So, avoiding sex can be a way to avoid most UTIs.

You don’t want to ‘kill’ your creativity

The mental, emotional and physical tension that comes with not having sex can actually help create better performances. Having sex may diminish that ‘creative fire’ within you a little bit and make you more complacent in life, says Bustle.

You want less things to worry about

It cannot be denied that sex requires you to be careful. Now for most people that sounds like a paradox. How can you ‘lose control’ and ‘be careful’ at the same time? Well, if you want to avoid sexually transmitted diseases or a pregnancy then you have to take precautions. If your sexual health is not in shape or you’re not comfortable with the birth control method you are using; then it’s okay to stop and think before taking part in the act.

You don’t want to complicate things

Sex can have a powerful effect on your relationships – be it a serious one or just a ‘friends with benefits’ arrangement. Sometimes sex can cloud your judgment and may lead you to make decisions that you may regret later. So, it’s perfectly fine if you decide to take a break in order to have a clearer perspective about things. Never have sex when it feels like a chore or an obligation.


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