Tough measures must for streamlining traffic

Traffic police department often claims of working overnight to streamline the system of traffic in Jammu but it seems not much has happened in the department. The brutal death of 16 year old Janvi Gupta, a school going student, in an accident on the choked road of Talab Tilloo by a rashly driven matador has trashed all claims made by the traffic police department.
The department in an eye of storm with commoners seeking action against the delinquent officers who prefer penalizing commoners over taking strict action against the matador drivers and other habitual offenders. These matador drivers-conductors, who are mostly in range of age from 18-30 years of age are berserk and often play the brutal game of overtaking while plying the vehicles.
They also halt their vehicles, according to their own sweet will at any place without bothering about traffic jam or vehicle getting hit. More painful is the fact that traffic police is silent spectator and prefer not taking action against erring drivers as a result they become bold and care for none. If thoroughly and seriously checked by traffic police, it may sound amusing but most of the matador drivers drive either without driving license or with incomplete papers.
The menace of rash driving on the part of matador drivers is growing day by day, endangering lives of innocent lives. In addition, there is congestion on city roads due to non-availability of parking lots and flyovers while rash driving is proving fatal for road users. The traffic police personnel manning various Nakas and check posts are not discharging their duties effectively to check on rash driving.
The local matadors and mini buses have become a menace hindering the normal movement of vehicular traffic. Despite order of the government which states that all bus drivers and conductors need to be in their proper uniform, no driver is found obeying this in routine. They wear whatever they like. It is more than often that one sees matadors overloaded and the passengers clinging on the doors as well as the backs of the matadors, a very dangerous practice.
They often keep waiting at the illegal matador stops beyond the time fixed for them while the traffic police department officers spend time harassing commoners. Traffic police should swing into action to control erring minibus drivers to save innocent lives and enforce traffic rules strictly for smooth flow of traffic on roads of the city.
If the department has problem of staff, it should convey the same to the government and get it rectified at the earliest. It needs no mention that the strength of traffic police has to be increased at the same pace at which the number of vehicles is increasing in the city. Moreover, organizing monthly or fortnightly traffic awareness programme of drivers of buses and locals can also help in minimizing rash driving.

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