Traffic chaos in Jammu city

With growing strength of vehicles, narrow roads and apathetic attitude of traffic police, traffic jams have become a routine rather than exception in Jammu city.
Total chaos and unprecedented traffic jam are witnessed in the winter capital here everyday.
Whenever we go out with the vehicles, we come across with large number of vehicles snarling up on roads, causing immense inconveniences to the public particularly daily commuters like employees and students to reach at their destination. Though traffic jam is
witnessed frequently but when marriage season starts then it become very difficult for the general public as well as marriage parties to reach in time at their destination.
Above all, this traffic chaos on Jammu roads irks people but the local administration is silent spectators and least concerned about the problem of people and hardly doing anything to tide over the situation.
There are also instances when some drivers violate traffic norms by crossing red signal at chowks or crossing points while traffic cops manning here remain here mute spectators.
The situation goes grim particularly after Darbar Move when government Secretariat start functioning as part of winter capital as at that time traffic police stop movement of vehicles on some roads for smooth flow of cavalcade of vehicles of the VIP or Minister, adding woes of the people.
On September 23, 2016, on the occasion of celebration of 122nd Birth Anniversary of last Dogra ruler Maharaja Hari Singh, Jammu city witnessed huge traffic jam when Rajput Sabha organizes a rally. This happened due to mismanagement of traffic on the part of traffic police and local administration.
Though Yuva Rajput Sabha informed well in advance to concerned authorities but despite that total traffic chaos in almost whole city was witnessed as large number of public transport and other vehicles remained stranded for hours due to long traffic jam on city roads, making Jammu City standstill.
The roads particularly New Plot Janipur, BC road, Jewel Chowk, Kachi Chawani, Parade Ground, Indira Chowk, Gummat, Dogra Chowk, Bikram Chowk and Tawi bridge remained badly choked with vehicles for hours thereby causing immense inconveniences to the public. The students were the worst sufferers in traffic jam, who arrive home late while several of them could not reach at the tuition/coaching centre.
At some places, traffic cops were found absent while the people were seen managing traffic at their own.
In addition, there was also a total disorder at most of the crossing and vital points, which caused strong resentment among the commuters and general public, who blamed the administration and traffic police for
When Rajput Sabha informed the authorities concerned well in advance then it was their responsibility to deploy traffic police and divert the traffic to other routes but traffic police failed to regulate the traffic.
At present there seems three main factors of traffic jams like growing strength of vehicles, narrow roads/lanes while traffic police is understaffed as comparison of strength vehicles in the city.
The steps like increasing manpower of traffic police, widening of roads and lanes, removal of encroachment and maximum flyovers have to be taken on war footing by the government to save Jammu city from traffic chaos.

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