Traffic chaos on Jammu roads, deptt busy in revenue generation

Vishal Sharma/Balwant Singh Bhau

 Chaos has hit Jammu city. Traffic Police claims of having doubled revenue but offers frivolous reasons for having failed miserably to keep flow of traffic smooth across Jammu city.

On being asked about the Traffic Jam, a senior officer of the Traffic Police Department seemed more interested in teaching basics of Journalism to this correspondent and completely disinterested in ensuring traffic jams do not disturb life across Jammu city. He had no answer or credible explanation for being unable to ensure smooth flow of traffic on all routes across Jammu city.

The moment you talk to him about Canal Road, Vikram Chowk, Kachi Chawni, Janipur, Panjtirthi, Trikuta Nagar, Channi and other routes of Jammu district. His response was that people should be asked not to buy cars. Since roads in Jammu cannot bear the burden. High court which has been monitoring traffic mess across Jammu region should take note of the seriousness of this Police officer in addressing the traffic scenario of Jammu region.

All the routes remain messy throughout the day with Traffic Police officials spending whole of the day in penalizing the ever increasing offenders. Paradoxically, where the traffic police was brought into existence for streamlining traffic on roads, it has diverted its core objective from traffic regulation to filling government exchequer by penalizing more and more people on daily basis.

Shocking but true that the prime motive of the traffic cops standing on road sides is not to streamline the traffic or regulate traffic movement, but is to fulfill the monetary target which most probably is being set by their higher bosses. Superintendent of Police (SP) Traffic Jammu Uday Bhaskar Billa on being asked said that he is giving Rs. 1.70 lakh per day to state government by penalizing offenders.

“Prior to me about 60 to 70 thousands rupees per day were being given to the government by traffic police but since after my joining the amount is touching 1.7 lakh per day (approximately) which is  clear cut proof of my performance,” SSP lauded. He further said that despite this Rs 1.7 lakh per day, he is also depositing Rs 6 to 7 lakh per month in government exchequer which is has become possible just because of his out of the way performance.

Though, when questioned about the reasons behind the ever ending traffic congestion and Jam in the city, he said that it is due to the over burden of vehicles on limited city road as 6 lakh vehicles are moving in diameter of about 5 to 6 kilometers which usually results into traffic jam and congestion.

“In 1 kilometer of road there should me only 1000 vehicles but we are infesting 10,000 vehicles in just 1 kilometer road besides this we don’t have proper bus base and bus stop in Jammu. But despite this traffic police is working with complete dedication from morning 8 to 8 in the evening as a result there is no stand still jam in the city except traffic congestion” he added.

He also blamed common public for traffic jam and congestion in city by saying that there is lack of civic sense in the masses and people should drive their vehicles by following the traffic rules and norms adding that “It is impossible to deploy a cop for every car and it is the moral responsibility of public in general to use civic sense while driving also”.

He uttered that a constable cannot solve the problem of traffic congestion or Jam, public cooperation is also needed as the people are still using the B C Road as bus stand just for there to their convenience which is main cause of traffic congestion there.

Over the issue of hiring private vehicle lifting crane SP said that this decision is not in her ambit but they have now reduced their use as they were also adding to the traffic jam and instead of lifting erring vehicles now traffic cops are pasting stickers on them and are penalizing them on the spot under section 133 of Motor Vehicle Act.

He asserted that the issues pertaining to the wrong installation of traffic lights and widening of roads etc are the concern of other departments which included Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC), District Administration Jammu (DC Jammu) and Regional Transport officer (RTO Jammu) while the role of traffic police is just to regulate the traffic.

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