Traffic cops face worst yet stand guard on roads

State administration is although up with various modernization plans, but no has anyone paid attention to the perilous harms and insecureness faced by the traffic cops on duty especially females?

The traffic Police has strength of around four figures which includes both male and female. Depending on the vehicular density of the city, the constables deployed at some of the points are less which makes it difficult for them to regulate traffic.

The major problem faced by the cops on duty is shortage of communication sets available between two checkpoints like if a person has jumped the signal, the cop on duty should be able to communicate with his counterparts at the next signal so that the violator’s ride could be intercepted.

Some of the posts located at distant locations or in the outskirts of the city even do not have a proper telephonic connectivity. Several citizens keep complaining about the quality of Policing on the city roads but the administration has turned deaf to the problems of the cops on duty.

Nearly every cop normally spend their half of the working time in polluted environments, many of them have hazardous problems including lung and respiratory diseases. There are other occupational hazard too including throat cyst, irritation in eyes and vulnerability to Asthmatic diseases.

When asked about the pollution, noise and other woes female traffic cop faces on duty; a lady cop wishing anonymity added that for her being a traffic police woman is same as acting as a social worker for the society. It does not matter whether she has to face the extreme weather conditions of the city. At the end of the day, she ends up serving her country being an honest worker.

Simply without any reason, life needs to be hunky dory. However she is not aware that her complexity has darkened because of the sun.

The women on duty feel insecure sometimes as they have to deal with various characters of daily life. Another problem is the lack of basic amenities; non-availability of toilets. The extreme temperature conditions of the city make the survival difficult sometimes.

Most of the cops enjoy their jobs and are satisfied with their perks.

They are happy serving their country. But the question is do they deserve more than this, as their problems are ignored several times?

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