Traffic Management remains a challenge for administration in Jammu

The much-hyped intelligent traffic management system (ITMS) installed in Jammu to streamline traffic movement remains non-functional in most parts of the city.

They have become showpiece because of faults and cars and matador drivers don’t follow directions, particularly at Gujjar Nagar and other areas.

Although motorists are habitual in jumping the red lights, but the traffic police too remain non-serious in carrying out regular repairs and keeping the signals in good shape.

“Those drivers who adhere to traffic rules remain confused by the condition of signals. You never know when they are off or on. At times, the red signals remain the same for a couple of minutes without changing “, said a commuter to JK Newspoint team at a traffic signal.

Not only the motorists are to be blamed for the mess in the city, but the traffic police and civic bodies too have failed to use modern technology to streamline the traffic chaos. The condition of signals is enough to explain the failures”, said another commuter.

The traffic management in Jammu remains one of the challenges for the administration. Expert’s way back in 2012 had expressed apprehensions about the success of traffic light system in Jammu, but it was carried forward to benefit certain individuals, who got financial benefit from the installation, costing crores of rupees.